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Cliff Mautner is a famous wedding photographer in America and he has a quote that I love, “Shadow is my canvas and light my paint”.

So many photographers are scared of flash and also don’t know how to use naturaly light. Flash and natural light however, used in the right way, could be your best friend and can help you get creative and beautiful photos. This workshop is designed to help you understand your flash on and off the camera in a way even your grandma will understand. With that knowledge you will also understand natural light in a better way.  I teach in a simple practical manor so that you will have confidence to use you flash in any situation.

Come and join me in Cape Town for this amazing lighting workshop  and start to fuel your creativity in a new way.

What to expect at the workshop.

We will start off the day in the studio with studio lights. Why you might ask?  I see so many people use off camera flash but they don’t know how to light their subject. All they do is to light the subject with no skill. In the Studio I will teach you 5 fundamental lighting setups so that you know how to light people, skinny or even plus size. I will show you creative ways to light a subject. You will learn how to use a reflector with the lights. Colour gels for creativity will also be talked about.

Then we will move over to speed lights. I will teach you how to use your speed light on camera for situations like the wedding first dance or simple portrait work.

The big one for everybody is off camera flash and after we have looked at the flash we will then start with off camera flash. We will also at the end of the day move out to a location to photograph the sunset with a model in a wedding dress so that you can practically exercise what you have learned and ask questions on the go.

We will then also be looking at Natural Light photography which is a big part of my style these days. The great thing about flash photography is that it helps you understand light and therefor you will be able to use natural light even better.

During the whole day there will be time for questions and you will have the chance to photograph the model in the studio also. You need to

There are only 12 spots available so make sure not to miss it. Contact me at info@kobustollig.co.za to book your spot now.



You need to be able to shoot your camera in Manual mode and know the basic buttons of your flash(Power up and down etc). Please make sure to have triggers for your flash and also a tripod stand for the flash. If you don’t have triggers or stands please do let me know and I will help where I can.


What previous workshop students said.

“There are many photographers and institutions offering lighting workshops and I have done flash and studio lighting workshops in the past and walked away feeling more “anti-flash” than ever before. I decided one more time to give this Flash story a try when I saw that Kobus was offering a workshop. What I love about Kobus’s work is that he uses flash in a soft, natural way that leaves his images still looking dreamy. I never imagined I would leave the workshop feeling enlightened and eager to use my flash! I can’t wait for next wedding season to show off my new skills. Kobus has this way of explaining technical things in such a simple way that it just makes sense…and you feel as if you had known it all along, he just opened your eyes up to see the obvious. If you know what I mean? Anyway, Thank you Kobus Tollig for sharing some of your awesomeness with us” – Samantha

“This is a workshop that I really enjoyed. The technical parts were explained in such a simple and understandable manner that I had several lightbulb moments. The practical part really helped me tie it all together. I read and youtube a lot but having Kobus explain it then have us put it into practice immediately was truly invaluable. Definitely recommend this workshop! Thanks Kobus you were awesome and keep up your love of sharing!” – Kath



Behind the scenes from previous workshops.

The following images are some fun moments and behind the scene photos that were taken by a friend. She is a very talented photographer and awesome person. Thank you Samantha from Sunkissed Studio for the lovely images!


BTS_kobus (13)Cape_town_wedding_photographer_kobustollig (1)Cape_town_wedding_photographer_kobustollig (2)Cape_town_wedding_photographer_kobustollig (3)Cape_town_wedding_photographer_kobustollig (4)Cape_town_wedding_photographer_kobustollig (5)

Images taken at previous workshop.

Cape_town_wedding_photographer_kobus_tollig (11)Cape_town_wedding_photographer_kobus_tollig (12)Cape_town_wedding_photographer_kobus_tollig (13)Cape_town_wedding_photographer_kobus_tollig (14)Cape_town_wedding_photographer_kobus_tollig (15)Cape_town_wedding_photographer_kobus_tollig (16)Cape_town_wedding_photographer_kobus_tollig (17)Cape_town_wedding_photographer_kobus_tollig (18)Cape_town_wedding_photographer_kobus_tollig (19)Cape_town_wedding_photographer_kobus_tollig (20)Cape_town_wedding_photographer_kobus_tollig (21)

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